Monday, November 5, 2012

Integra Telecom Announced Expansion of Its Network Busines Voice Services in Denver, Colorado

Integra Telecom Announced Expansion of Its Voice Services Integra Telecom Inc., a provider of networking, communications and cloud solutions, has recently announced that the company had expanded its voice services nationwide. Integra’s SIP Trunking enterprise customers may connect their remote sites in the continental US in order to enact business-wide cost savings and efficiencies through a centralized IP PBX.

The nationwide voice solution from Integra has been deployed on company’s MPLS-empowered IP VPN product, providing a high level of security, scalability and voice quality. Integra officials commented, "Integra is pleased to be able to broaden its suite of nationwide services for enterprise customers. We are always seeking ways to make it easier for our customers to do business with Integra Telecom… Nationwide voice service availability allows our customers to simplify the management of their network by combining voice, data and network services with a single carrier."

Enterprise SIP Trunking and Remote Location Service from Integra allow customers leveraging a centralized IP PBX in order to reduce the costs and maintenance associated with multiple phone systems. Additionally, customers can benefit from UC, across their organization, with a single network provider. The company offers a range of options to support various configurations such as basic voice lines, digital trunks, ISDN PRI and SIP Trunking.


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