Friday, February 4, 2011

With Ethernet exchanges, Ethernet WAN Services Available More Network Places

With Ethernet exchanges, Ethernet WAN services available more places
Jessica Scarpati, Article Link

The best Ethernet-based wide area network (WAN) service is only as good as its geographic reach. Enterprise WAN managers are increasingly interested in Ethernet WAN connectivity, but a highly-distributed organization is unlikely to find a service provider that can deliver Ethernet to every branch office with its own network footprint. The growing maturity of the Ethernet exchange—a carrier-neutral aggregation point for dozens of Ethernet WAN providers—will allow a provider to extend Ethernet connectivity beyond its network footprint, according to Bjarne Munch, principal research analyst at Gartner Inc. Eventually, enterprise WAN pros will be working directly with these Ethernet exchange providers to provision their own interconnections between providers, he said.

"If the enterprise needs to extend an existing network into a new office and their existing provider does not have network coverage to that office, it may be easier and faster to use an Ethernet exchange," said Munch, who recently published the research note, “Ethernet Exchanges Improve Service Coverage, But There Are Risks.”

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