Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Service Provider Fiber Available in 31.8% of U.S. Buildings

VSG: Service provider fiber available in 31.8% of U.S. buildings 
March 16, 2012
By Sean Buckley Article Link

 While fiber availability into buildings is far from ubiquitous, new research from Vertical Systems Group shows that fiber is now available in 31.8 percent of U.S. commercial buildings, up from 27.7 percent in 2010. Vertical Systems Group business fiber These fiber-connected buildings with 20 or more employees can access services that can scale up to multiple Gbps rates.

"Direct fiber is the preferred access technology deployed for business services like Ethernet and IP VPNs, and for connectivity to the Internet and cloud-based applications," said Rosemary Cochran, principal at Vertical Systems Group. "With the majority of larger U.S. buildings already fiber-connected to one or more networks, service providers widened their fiber footprints in 2011 to cover more small and medium locations through new construction, strategic partnerships or acquisitions."

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