Thursday, October 27, 2011

Minnesota Struggles To Close Broadband Gap 28% Are Without Broadband Services

Minnesota struggles to close broadband adoption gap
By Sean Buckley

Despite all of the positive talk about the progress the United States has made with broadband, political leaders should look at Minnesota, a state where an estimated 28 percent of consumers still do not subscribe to a broadband service.
Connect Minnesota interactive chart

Click here for an interactive chart of Connect Minnesota survey results

While that figure is lower than the national average of 35 percent, a new survey released by Connect Minnesota this week revealed there are two main reasons why Minnesota residents don't have a broadband connection: a lack of interesting content, and the cost of service. An average broadband connection in Minnesota costs about $49.46 versus the national average price of $45.73 a month.

Keep in mind the U.S. Average without Broadband is 35% with South Carolina being one of the highest listed as 43%

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