Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Google Unveils Self-Flying Drone Project, Project Wing

(The Hosting News Link) – Google has unveiled its latest project in its Google X division, Project Wing, an initiative aimed at bringing goods to people via “self-flying drones.” The tech giant has been working on this secret project for the last two years, successfully delivering goods to remote areas in Queensland, Australia, from nearby areas. According to BBC News, Australia was used as testing ground of this project due to its “progressive” rules about drones.

  Originally Google’s X project was created as a way to deliver equipment faster to those who could not be reached by an ambulance. An early example of this system was a mission in 2012 that delivered defibrillator kits to those experiencing heart attacks. “When you have a tool like this you can really allow the operators of those emergency services to add an entirely new dimension to the set of tools and solutions that they can think of,” said Astro Teller, head of Google X.

  These drones have a wingspan of 4.9 ft and weigh around 18.7 pounds. The vehicle has a “blended wing” design with four electrically driven propellers, adds BBC. Google’s X division is responsible for projects such as Google Glass, self-driving cars, and Project Loon which provides Internet access to users in remote parts of the world via balloons in the stratosphere.

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